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We would love the opportunity to discuss our agency opportunity with you whether you are a captive agent trying to join the independent side of the business, or whether you are an independent agent trying to gain more contracts, better commissions, and bigger bonuses. We know we can help your agency grow and prosper!

Our goal is to provide your Agency with the tools you need to be successful and gain the most financial reward for yourself and your family.

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • 100% commission Splits
  • Profit sharing bonuses
  • Full book ownership
  • Quoting and Management software
  • Training Opportunities
  • Direct Access to Carries whenever possible
  • Greatly reduced or, in most cases, eliminated production requirements
  • Access to all approved markets
  • Multi-State licensing capability


  • Independence: Your accounts remain your business by contract but are pooled together to gain the benefits that large agencies enjoy.
  • Strength and Stability: Together, Member Agencies are able to gain market access allowing you to compete with larger agencies and internet markets.
  • Growth and Value: Having wide market access allows you to focus on building your agency’s business while servicing your customers’ needs.
  • Profitability: Increased income through premium growth, higher commission levels, and profit sharing. Decreased cost through efficient marketing and technology.
  • Agency Perpetuation: Having wide market access along with proper technology will aid in recruiting new producers to further grow your agency.
  • Support Services: Marketing efficiency through on-line placement and website tools; our support assists Member Agencies in utilizing technology to the fullest extent.

Where We Are

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We are located in Plymouth, Minnesota, and are also licensed in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota, Colorado, South Dakota, Indiana, Georgia, and Michigan.