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Insurance Specialist Network


“I started my career in the captive agent side of the insurance industry. After a few years I knew it was time to go independent to offer my clients more choices. After looking at several insurance aggregators and coming close to signing up with one, I found ISN. I am so glad that I did!

ISN provides me with the carriers, systems and support I was looking for, all while allowing me to own 100% of my book of business! They allow me to run my business as I see fit, and do not breathe down my neck to hit numbers for them. The folks at ISN are there when I need them, whether it be a systems question, coverage question, or just a brain storming conversation.

If you are looking to become an independent agent, I would strongly suggest you consider ISN to assist you!”

Ryan B

“We looked at numerous organizations when starting our insurance agency. We knew we needed a partner to gain access to carriers, but we didn’t want to give up ownership in return. Many organizations claim that you “own your business,” but few really mean it like the ISN Network.

We were pleased with the contract, but have been even more pleased with the service we have received. The team at ISN not only work hard to assist us with growth, but you can tell they really care.

I urge you to talk to an ISN representative today.”

Kristy M

“I have been part of Insurance Specialist Network for more than 3 years and am very happy with my decision to associate with them. I have the autonomy to operate my agency that works best for me and they are there for you when you have questions or just want to talk through a situation. You owe it to yourself to explore what ISN has to offer. For me the choice was clear after analyzing the numbers. 100% commission works for me.”

Mark S

“I recently left the captive side of the insurance industry. ISN gives agencies the tools they need to succeed, and lets the agents run their agencies as they see fit. ISN offers agencies the freedom to run their businesses in a way that compliments the individual styles and strengths of that organization. By pooling all agency premiums together, it allows us all to enjoy the benefits of higher commissions, which would not be the case if we were just opening an independent agency. Your agency also has access to much higher levels of profit bonuses. We were lucky to even be eligible for bonus when we were a captive agency”

David K